A simple, fun way to buy and sell stuff.
Coming May
Antsquare is the app that makes buying and selling locally exceptionally easy.

Sell your stuff, buy new stuff

Sell by just taking a picture, describing it, and listing your item. It's never been easier to sell your ever-increasing pile of clothes, gadgets, & accessories that are new or barely used.

We’ll take care of everything

Antsquare facilitates your transaction from beginning to end with powerful integrated services.

Automatic Payments

Never rush to stop at an ATM and carry large amount of cash, all you need to do is meet up! We’ll take care of the payment for you.

Sharing & scheduling

Antsquare will easily find the perfect time to meet up based on both parties calendar. Have piece of mind that you’re both on time up  will allow you to rest assured that at the right location.

Know your seller

Stay safe with public profiles and identity verifications, you’ll know who you’re dealing with. Reviews will allow you to rest assured that you’re making a good deal!

Connecting you to the stuff you want

Antsquare makes the experience of discovering new things truly mobile for iPhone & Android smartphones!

Purple Nike High Tops
Five New L Vans Shirts
Yashica FX-3 Super
iPod Nano 16GB Red

Revolutionized Retail

Antsquare paves the way to an improved retail experience.

Reduce Overhead

No physical address required. Antsquare eliminates financial barriers to starting or growing a business.

Avoid Shipping

Embrace local and avoid shipping costs by having customers come to you.

Stay Relevant

Antsquare provides an unique opportunity for stores to gain long- lasting customers as Retail continues to evolve.

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